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1/ Audit and optimize your ad spend

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2/ Improve rankings with SEO-friendly titles

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4/ Find keywords your customers are searching for

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"The Title Builder made it so easy to do SEO and we were able to do 100 product titles in a day."

Chia Yee

We have been struggling to get traffic to our Lazada store. The keyword tool is exactly what we needed. We've learned to properly write titles that drive more traffic than our older manual titles.


I recommend this tool to every serious online Lazada store owner.


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Sponsored Ads Audit

Stop wasting money on low performing keywords. Our audit tool will look through your ad spend on a recurring basis to identify keywords incurring high spend but generating few sales, and help you reallocate your weekly spend towards better keywords.

Title Builder

Good titles take time, creativity, and keyword research. A quality title makes all the difference between making a sale and not getting discovered at all. We’ve spent 5 years learning which titles work, and which ones don’t, through trial and error managing client stores.We’ve distilled that experience into a tool that generates titles from custom templates we’ve created for each category, as well as high-volume keyword suggestions pulled from Business Advisor.Our data-driven approach lets you create an optimized product title in six minutes on average.

Easy Keyword Tool

Don’t waste time searching for new keywords; use our keyword search tool to do your hard work.Our keyword tool makes it easy to find hidden and popular keywords that are not yet being used in your product listing. Generate 100s of Lazada search keywords quickly, and with very little effort.

Ready SEO Title Templates

Create standardised titles for any product; with Title Templates, you will have perfectly formatted on-brand titles every time!Leap Scout comes with preset templates for all categories, making building product titles easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy

Auto Formatting, Zero Errors

All Leap Scout titles are "Keyword Perfect" with:
> No duplicate keywords
> Spacing and auto capitalisation
> Clear Mobile Title View
> Maximum character usage

What Lazada Sellers Say

I highly recommend this to any Lazada store owner who is looking to get more sales or anyone that wants to increase their Lazada products’ organic search traffic.

Hui Lim

Leap Scout is unlike any other software I have used because it's specifically designed for traffic optimisation on Lazada - I don’t know any other tools that do this.

Syafiq Ali

The thing I like the most about this tool is that it's so intuitive and easy to use. You don't have to be tech-savvy to optimize the listings on Lazada!


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As sellers, we always found that creating good SEO titles takes time and energy, and after building 1000s of optimised titles for our stores, we decided to make a better solution!With Leap Scout at last, Lazada sellers have a powerful tool that will boost their listings to the top and help them drive more organic traffic, finally allowing them to compete with top sellers in their niche.We spent the last few months developing one of the most powerful keyword search tool and title generator for Lazada sellers - after analysing 1000s of titles and learning what works and what doesn’t.We know that most of you are busy, so our manual keyword search tool enables you to find as many new keywords as possible quickly.Let’s Get the best Keywords & SEO titles for your product listings and grow your store’s traffic together.

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